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Kids... Jamaican Me Crazy!

If you're looking for a new way to spend your vacations, look no further than international resorts. Each resort in each location offers a multitude of diverse foods, cultures, tours and excursions for you and the kids. Most international resorts offer All Inclusive packages, which allow you and your children to enjoy all of the food you want, enjoy many of the amenities of the resorts, and enjoy world class entertainment, all included in your package. Can't wait to go? Call us today at (317)770-2211 or (800)767-2211 or email us by clicking . If you would like to book online, click any of the links below.

All You Need is a Passport

When traveling outside of the United States, your family members will each need to have a United States issued Passport. To apply for a passport, you can either go to your local Post Office or click here to apply online. Prices vary based on age and renewal status, among other things. Apply for them soon because the process can take as much as 6 months to complete.
Why choose the Caribbean?
  • • Great value with luxury accommodations – high-quality all-inclusive resorts define relaxation, and nonstop flights from select origins to the Caribbean are reasonably priced

    • Luxurious amenities with a Caribbean flair

    • A wide variety of experiences on many differen islands offer activities to match the desires of any traveler

    • Year round appeal with some of the best beaches in the world

    • Uniqueness – Hispanic, French, Dutch and British influences intersect to form a vibrant Caribbean culture
Why choose Mexico?
  • • Incredible value for any travel budget – high-quality all-inclusive resorts and competitive airfare to Mexico, including nonstop flights from select origins, make for reasonably-priced luxury vacations

    • A wide variety of resorts matches the tastes of any traveler

    • Short, nonstop flights make it easy to reach popular Mexico destinations

    • Year round appeal with a variety of settings and experiences

    • Uniqueness – attractions in Mexico are found nowhere else in the world, from Mayan ruins to beautiful beaches and beyond
Why choose Europe?
  • • Historic landmarks – from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Rome's ancient ruins, Europe combines history and beautiful cities across a diverse continent

    • Tours and excursions enhance any European vacation

    • A wide variety of destinations to match any traveler's tastes, including England, Spain, Italy, Germany and many more

    • Year round appeal

    • Uniqueness – European attractions are found nowhere else, from iconic landmarks to Mediterranean beaches

    • 12,000 new Funjet hotels in the most popular destinations and in new, more exotic locations